Embracing Life

More Life!


The More Life! format is designed to equip Christians to effectively identify, confront, and defeat the spirit of death and other destructive influences in their lives. Participants are empowered to hope anew in the promise of victorious, abundant living through the resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

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What will attending More Life! look like?

Each More Life! session is conducted within a timeframe of approximately two hours. The meetings consist of:

  • Worship
  • Introduction to More Life!
  • Teaching from the Breaking Free… booklet written by Jonathan Hunter
  • Interaction and group questions
  • Closing Prayer

More Life! was created for an open-group format, though attendance for all 8 sessions is optimal. Each lesson stands on its own and offers even first-time visitors to the group a greater understanding of the subject matter. The number of people who attend is left up to the leader’s discretion and group skills. In an open group, which may meet weekly, size can vary from week to week.

Anthonie Meister, graduate of More Life! group at HRock Church in Pasadena, California Fall, 2010.

What else do I need to know about More Life!?

Maryann Hinger discusses her experience ofattending a More Life! group at Vineyard at the River Church, Irvine, California in the fall of 2015.

More Life! can be presented in various formats: as a weekend intensive, e.g. Friday evening, all day Saturday; over two Saturdays, or as successive weekly meetings. The appropriate format is up to the leader’s discretion and preferences—CLICK HERE FOR LEADERSHIP EQUIPPING OPPORTUNITIES.

Leaders need to purchase sufficient copies of the More Life! booklet ahead of time for participants to read along within the group. Copies of More Life! should also be made available for purchase by participants.