Conferences & Seminars

After you peruse our various ministry choices, simply contact us to decide what the appropriate speaking options might be for your church or venue. Additional configurations of seminars, intensives and trainings can be arranged according to the host’s needs and means.

 [Suggested fees and costs involved for speaking engagements are not listed on this page]

Introductory Seminars

Our leadership team can present overviews of our various programs with selected healing sessions included in an evening, morning or half-day presentation. More extensive, follow-up trainings and ministry healing opportunities are listed below. Please click on the underlined links for detailed descriptions of the program materials mentioned.

In-depth Ministry Healing Opportunities

Embracing Life Series Fastrack: The Embracing Life Series (ELS) Fastrack offers participants a condensed version of our 14-session healing discipleship program, ELS. Two-day suggested schedule: 9am-10pm Friday and Saturday.

Embracing Life Intensive: A full, four-day “immersion” experience of both the Embracing Life Series and More Life! groups. Includes overviews of accompanying leaders’ guides for both groups.

More Life! Intensive: The eight-session More Life! group covering the Breaking Free… booklet by Jonathan Hunter. Friday evening , all-day Saturday.

More Life! Training: Friday evening, healing-prayer night (open) covering the booklet Breaking Free… by Jonathan Hunter. Saturday, all-day training (closed) for potential leaders of More Life! groups.

Do I Want to be Leader?

We believe our material is best “caught not taught”. With that in mind, our healing in-depth seminars offer participants the opportunity to first experience and receive for themselves, what they hope to pass on to others in the future. All of the listed ministry options are training and equipping formats. We have found that after going through our materials, some participants will want to go further and lead a group.