Embracing Life

Embracing Life Series


The Embracing Life Series (ELS) is a 14-session Christian healing, discipleship group. Adult men and women dealing with the physical/emotional effects from a broad range of life-altering conditions such as: cancer, lupus, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, depression/anxiety, etc., can attend. Caregivers, loved ones and most anyone seeking healing, can also benefit from ELS.


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How will my life change through the Embracing Life Series?

Through the program, participants enter into a deeper awareness of the transformative power of Christ in all areas of one’s life. As participants’ faith is strengthened, they learn to live fully while overcoming the fears and obstacles their condition often promotes.The Embracing Life Series approach to ministry encourages an enthusiastic faith-filled embrace of the abundant life and a corresponding freedom from death and its influences. [Note: The ELS guidebook can also be purchased for individual reading and equipping.

What will attending ELS look like?

Each weekly Embracing Life Series group is conducted within a time-frame of approximately two and half to three hours.

The meetings consist of:

  • Worship
  • Teaching and group interaction from theEmbracing Life Series guidebook
    by Jonathan Hunter
  • Break
  • Small group ministry (Gender specific)
  • Closing Prayer

ELS is a closed group format. Commitment to attend all 14sessions of the program is highly encouraged as the lessons build upon one another. Groups can vary from four to forty participants.

Embracing Life Leaders, Gary and Karen Greeno address how Embracing Life Ministries has helped them manage Gary's Parkinson's disease.

Is there anything else I need to know about ELS?

Embracing Life Leader, Terence Apodaca addresses how Embracing Life Ministries has given him hope for abundant life despite being HIV+

Embracing Life Series groups are run by trained volunteers. Although individuals can purchase the ELS guidebook to use as devotional material, ELS seminars and intensives are offered to equip those who would like to use the material in a group setting. When ELS is presented in group format, registration charges are left up to the leader’s discretion – taking in mind costs incurred for ELS books, snacks etc. Every participant is provided the Embracing Life Series guidebook by Jonathan Hunter for reading, taking notes and completing the weekly homework assignments. Any further questions? Please see our contact information below.