Embracing Life



Embracing Life Ministries is a Christian healing ministry headquartered in Southern California that provides seminars and training to equip your church with simple practical tools that remove obstacles to faith and the abundant life in Christ.  Our Christian healing programs, the Embracing Life Series and various More! groups, address feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness; shame and self-hatred; and critical issues related to physical and emotional illnesses.

In effect, all of our materials are designed to enhance your discipleship and pastoral care offerings with small groups that anyone can easily facilitate.



Our Mission & Vision


Our MISSION is to help people realize the abundant life available in Christ by providing practical tools, healing seminars and equipping programs that revive hope, reclaim authority and restore true identity in Christ.

Our VISION is to see our resources available to the Church worldwide for her healing, equipping and transformation.





Neil & Debbie Driscoll

Neil and Debbie Driscoll are Associate Directors of Embracing Life Ministries and have traveled throughout the nation and the world with Jonathan. They began their relationship with ELM when they attended the Embracing Life Series in 2002 and then joined its leadership team in 2003. Locally, they serve as Co-Directors of Vineyard Anaheim’s Embracing Life ministry in Southern California. Neil and Debbie have served in the local church for the past 30 years as worship leaders and small group facilitators.

Debbie is a homemaker of 36 years and has raised 4 grown daughters with Neil. She battled cancer in 2001 and is a survivor of childhood emotional and sexual abuse. Through her years serving in Embracing Life she has learned how to truly celebrate life and facilitate it for others.

Neil is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) working in the public mental health field, specializing in co-presenting issues of mental illness and substance abuse. He also teaches Social Work at the master’s level at a local Christian University in Southern California. In the wake of his wife’s illness, Neil confronted and overcame his own issues with the spirit of death, taking renewed and lasting authority over depression and anxiety.

Jonathan Hunter

Jonathan Hunter is the Founder and Director of Embracing Life Ministries, formerly an outreach of Desert Stream Ministries where he served for 20 years. He has authored the 14-week Embracing Life Series guidebook; the booklet Breaking Free from the spirit of death and its accompanying study guide More Life! ; and most recently More Glory!, co-authored with Gwen Gibson. Jonathan has spoken throughout the U.S. and around the world about the liberating, transforming power of the cross to free humanity from the spirit of death and its effects.  He has appeared in numerous features both in print and broadcast media and has been a guest teacher in universities, seminaries and churches. Jonathan has brought together both his experience as a person living with AIDS and that of others with life-altering conditions in compiling the material for Embracing Life’s various healing programs.





Jonathan’s Near-Death Experience (NDE)

Jonathan Hunter shares his near-death experience (NDE) when he overdosed on PCP.  Jonathan also talks about living with HIV and AIDS, and how Christ has transformed his life and taught him to live each day abundantly.